Meet the Meat

Meet the Meat

Carve Beef

Carve beef starts with the world’s best breeds, including Angus and Hereford.

Our New Zealand beef is slowly matured on luscious New Zealand grass to produce tender, flavoursome meat. Grass-fed beef is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Our beef is cold boned and aged for flavour, tenderness and consistency. For those that like extra intensity, try our delicious dry-aged beef.

We also offer a selection of premium beef from our international suppliers.

Lansdowne Beef

Lansdowne Angus Cross cows graze freely on nutritious pastures along the beautiful South Pacific coast.

They live in small family herds, enjoying clean air and the lush, salty pastures and rolling meadows of the Conway Coast. With a setting like this, it’s no wonder that Lansdowne sustainably produced beef tastes so succulent and flavourful.

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Black Origin

Premium New Zealand grown wagyu using traditional Japanese techniques.

New Zealand grown Black Origin comes from a group of Japanese breeds revered for their superior marbling ability. The animals lead stress-free lives, receiving soothing massages and being slowly fed on nutritious grains. This results in a supremely tender meat, with softer fats that enhance the juiciness and flavour.

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Only the finest produce ever makes the grade – guaranteed.

Pure South takes immense pride in hand-picking some of the finest beef in New Zealand. The selection process is rigorously administered by a dedicated team of farmers, experienced livestock personnel and a master grader, ensuring that through different seasons, regions and breeds, the best products are always chosen.


Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb

“The Hawke’s Bay Natural lamb is simply superb, always of the highest quality and wonderfully tender.” Sid Sahrawat, Sidart, Cassia & French Café.

Our friends at Hawke’s Bay Natural provide us with the finest export-quality lamb, grass-fed in lush free-range natural pastures, with no antibiotics or hormones. This is tender, flavoursome lamb – quite arguably the best in the world!

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Freedom Farms Pork

The lovely folk down at Freedom Farms are responsible for the very best pork in New Zealand.

There’s not a cage, crate, or pen in sight. Freedom Farms porkers have the freedom to roam in paddocks, roll in mud and play with their buddies. These well cared-for pigs put on a consistent meat-to-fat ratio, so happy pigs = happy chefs.

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Duncan New Zealand Venison

Duncan New Zealand Venison produces export-quality meat of exceptional taste, tenderness and nutritional value.

Produced in a natural, sustainable manner, without the use of hormones or steroids, Duncan Venison is low in fat, calories and cholesterol, and with a great taste that just has to be experienced.

Our good friends at Duncan Venison have also been working with farmers who produce Pāmu Venison. The word Pāmu means ‘to farm’ in Māori. The deer are naturally raised on the Central Plateau of the North Island, and are free to roam and graze on red and white clover, rye, fescue and lucerne. The farmers’ care and passion for great farming shines through in their succulent, tasty, Pāmu Venison.

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Mahy Farms

Mahy Farms sources and selects the very finest Small Goods from New Zealand and Europe, and brings them under one quality assurance label.

The Mahy Farms range includes hams, streaky bacon, loin bacon, shoulder bacon, smoked pork sausages, chorizo and black pudding.

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Carve Free-Range Chicken

Carve chickens are raised on the green fields of the mighty Waikato.

They’re free to peck and forage from spray-free pastures, just as nature intended. The chickens enjoy a mix of quality cereal grains, including corn, wheat, and sorghum, supplemented with vitamins and minerals to ensure good health. The result is tender, juicy, free-range chicken.

Carve Special Edition

At Carve we like to keep things interesting by sourcing some less commonly used products.

So from time to time we’ll offer mutton, veal, goat, Iberico pork, jamon, to name a few. Get in touch if there’s something special you’re after, and we’ll see what we can do.

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