Mahy Farms

Welcome to Mahy Farms

Whenever you see the Mahy Farms label, you have our guarantee of the finest quality Small Goods hand-selected from New Zealand and Europe.

Mahy Farms Bacon

Our delicious free-farmed bacon is produced using traditional curing methods, which means your bacon won’t disappear in the pan when it’s cooked. Enjoy!

Mahy Farms Chorizo

This is a Gold Medal winner from 2012, produced for us by our good friends in the South Island. A horseshoe shaped spicy chorizo that is utterly delicious.

Mahy Farms Black Pudding

Our black pudding has consistently been one of our highest-rated products, and for good reason. Winner of a Silver medal in 2003, this traditional styled sausage is a real treat. Made in the South Island (where all great black pudding comes from).

Mahy Farms South Island Sausages

Produced by our friends in the South Island using recipes from Chef Jeremy Schmid (author of “Bangers to Bacon”), these people know how to put flavours and textures together to make great tasting bangers! Choose from Pork & Fennel, Smoked Pork, Lamb Merguez and more.

Mahy Farms Specialties

Other fabulous Mahy Farms products produced using traditional methods include Pastrami, Pickled Pork, Pickled Beef Tongue and more. Just ask us what you are interested in and we will see what we can do.